Small vs Big

It was once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that really matters, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Similarly, when choosing a company that will design your city’s website, should you judge the organization based solely on its well-known name or huge manpower? Or will you go for a less popular and smaller organization to do the work for you? There are 2 factors one should consider first before making a decision: Quality and Budget.  Let’s make a quick comparison between the two. For large companies:

  • Can provide quality (not everyone, though)
  • Since they already made a name for themselves, payment is mostly HUGE.

For small companies:

  • Can also provide quality
  • Smaller company means smaller budget

During this time where our economy is at an all time low, definitely budget is a factor. We can’t just ask those trendy companies to work a design cheaper. A smaller company can provide you work for a lesser quantity and can also give your project more focus mainly because their clients are not that many.  So you’ll have a website that can really show what you want. By choosing a smaller company for your web design and development needs, you will have a website that can really show what you’re all about.

You want to capture the unique personality of the city and show everyone what your city has to offer. Since your city has many things to offer, a smaller company will research the best ways to capture the information about your city and then project that information onto a custom designed website in a positive image that is most easily marketed to website visitors.

In larger companies, you have more bureaucracy and it will take a lot to get them to change the website and give it a small home town feel.  With a smaller company, you will have an easier time, less hassle and fewer things to deal with.

A smaller company will be able to research more in depth to prepare for your website. By researching to gather all available information, a smaller company will promote your entity better. Getting a large company, with a huge set of accounts and customers, they are less likely to promise proper research and design as they have a lot of work. Surely you don’t want that.

One example about how much a smaller company cares is CivicCentric™. We offer friendly staff that is approachable and willing to help you with your needs. City webpage design is one of our expertise and our planning and execution is at par with the well-known web design companies. We always make sure customers are satisfied.

So you are now ready to decide. Do you want quality services with a high price tag or a company that gives quality services with at a fair price? The answer is now up to you.


~ by civiccentric on July 6, 2009.

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